Maya Mobile review: Wide eSIM Packages Options

Planning an international trip and considering an eSIM as an alternative to established providers like Airalo or Holafly? In this Maya Mobile review, we introduce you to one of the lesser-known eSIM providers that can competently compete. We show you what we like about Maya Mobile and where they could approve their services.

Since its market debut in 2022, Maya Mobile became more visible in the following year. Now, it’s among the medium-sized eSIM providers with very good reviews, clear websites, and numerous features that will impress you.

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Maya Mobile review: eSIM Offerings

While Maya Mobile doesn’t include any eSIMs that come with free calling minutes or SMS, their data eSIM offerings are top-notch in my opinion.


With Maya Mobile, you can get an eSIM for a total of 194 destinations worldwide, which is more than enough for the average traveler. Additionally, you’ll find it hard to find a more diverse offering from other providers. They also offer 4 regional packages for Asia, Europe, South America, or the Caribbean.

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Data Volume

For each country in their offering, you’ll find several different options ranging from 1 GB to 10 or 20 GB. Moreover, every country also has an unlimited data package available! With these, you can choose how unlimited you want your data to be, for example, whether you want to use a hotspot and share it with fellow travelers.


What I like most about Maya Mobile is the fact that you can choose the validity for each package, ranging from 5, 10, 15 to 30 days. So, if you know you’re only going somewhere for a short period but need a lot of data, you can purchase a large volume of data with a short validity, saving money compared to a month-long validity option.

Similarly, if you want data just as a backup, with other providers, you’d typically buy 1 GB with a max validity of 7 days and then possibly need to purchase another package. However, with Maya Mobile, you can directly buy 1 GB with a validity of, say, 30 days, again saving money.


The prices for data packages are comparable with established providers like Airalo, but with the difference that if you want an unusual combination (like a small volume of data with long validity), you’ll save with Maya Mobile.

Looking at unlimited data, such offerings are scarce among competitors, with Holafly being the most notable. Compared to them, Maya Mobile is slightly cheaper, at least in the variant that doesn’t allow hotspot use – which is also the case with Holafly. Of course, for a package that allows data sharing, you’ll pay a bit more.

However, unlimited data packages from Maya Mobile don’t make sense for countries like Thailand or South Korea, as you can find much cheaper options with many other providers.

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Website and App Clarity

Maya Mobile only has a website, no app. The site is in English but is sufficiently clear and suitable even for those purchasing their first eSIM.

The main page provides a quick summary of how to buy and install an eSIM, and in the Help Center, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, some accompanied by pictorial guides. You can also use the chatbot, which responds with links to these questions, facilitating your search.

Purchasing and Installing an eSIM

When purchasing an eSIM, first choose the validity and data volume. Then, select the activation date, which you can change anytime before the start of the validity period. This ensures that your eSIM activates upon installation, so its validity doesn’t expire before your holiday ends. You can also select automatic renewal if your data runs out, a feature I haven’t seen with any other provider and really appreciate.

Payment can be made via card, Apple Pay, or PayPal. Immediately after, you’ll receive instructions with a QR code via email. You can install the eSIM right after purchase since the validity starts from the chosen activation date. If you don’t have a second device handy, the email also includes a code for manual installation.

To check data usage or adjust anything (start date, automatic renewal), you always need to log into your account on the website.

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Can I Share Data via Hotspot?

All packages with a limited volume of data allow data sharing via hotspot. With unlimited data packages, you can choose at purchase whether you want the option to share data or not, which obviously affects the price.

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Loyalty Program

This is one area where Maya Mobile still lags behind, as they don’t have a loyalty program. They offer neither referral rewards nor cashback.

In your account, you’ll find something called reward points, but these are only used when Maya Mobile issues refunds. The refund is given in points, which stay in your account for future purchases.

Customer Support

On the contrary, customer support pleasantly surprised me. Their website features a chatbot that only responds with links to FAQs, but you can also contact them via a contact form or email, where they supposedly respond 24/7. I tested this and indeed received a response within minutes, even on a weekend night! The only downside is that you need to know English.

Maya Mobile review: Conclusion (Pros and Cons)

Though not as well-known as other eSIM providers, Maya Mobile certainly doesn’t fall behind in the competition. Besides competitive prices, its huge advantage is the vast variability of data packages. You can mix and match different volumes with different validity periods, and for each country, you can also choose unlimited data. On the downside, compared to competitors, it lacks a loyalty program.

Here’s a list of pros and cons noticed during usage, which may help with your decision-making.


  • Clear website
  • Wide selection and variability of data packages
  • Unlimited data
  • Option for automatic renewal
  • Hotspot usage available even with unlimited packages


  • No app
  • Lack of loyalty program


Customer support


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Planning an international trip and considering an eSIM as an alternative to established providers like Airalo or Holafly? In this Maya Mobile review, we introduce you to one of the lesser-known eSIM providers that can competently compete. We show you what we like about...Maya Mobile review: Wide eSIM Packages Options