eTravelSim review: Try Alternative eSIM provider

Heading abroad and haven’t found your eSIM yet, or are you looking to explore other offers? Take a look at eTravelSim. Its offering might surprise you. Among various packages, you’ll find options like free local calling minutes or unlimited packages. Let’s more in our eTravelSIM review.

Based in Singapore, eTravelSim’s journey began back in 1995 with the creation of Matrix Cellular in India, selling SIM cards to travelers. With the advent of eSIM technology a few years ago, they formed a new company focused on connecting people worldwide through eSIM.

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eTravelSim Review: eSIM Offerings

eTravelSim comes with an offering that most travelers will find satisfactory.

eTravelSIM Country Coverage

You have a choice of 101 countries, which might not seem extensive at first glance. But as mentioned earlier, it will be sufficient for many people. If your destination isn’t listed, simply look elsewhere.

The offering also includes regional options like Europe (36 countries), North America, Asia, and a Global package that covers almost all the countries they offer. If you’re purchasing one of these packages, ensure it includes the country you’re visiting. For Europe and North America, you even have options for unlimited data.

etravelsim review

eTravelSim Data Volume

The variety here is truly diverse. It very much depends on the country. You might find unlimited data in some countries and only a few gigabytes available in others. That’s one reason why eTravelSim is often recommended as an alternative.

For unlimited data, be cautious. It’s not entirely unlimited. You can use up to 4 GB within 24 hours (as explained by their support).

If you run out of data, you can easily top up. There’s no need to buy a new package.

eTravelSim Package Validity

Like the data offerings, the validity of packages varies. Typically, you’ll find options from 7 to 30 days, ideal for vacations.

If a package expires, you can simply purchase a new one.

eTravelSim Pricing

Prices are quite varied but fundamentally can be very comparable to Airalo or Nomad, and often you might find a better deal. It’s worth a look to see if you find what suits you.

eTravelSIM is one of the few to offer unlimited data. These can competitively price against providers like Holafly or Maya Mobile. The only downside, as previously mentioned, is that they’re not truly unlimited. Moreover, they’re not available in all countries.

etravelsim review

Website and App

This is where eTravelSim loses most ground. The website could definitely use a more modern look. It seems somewhat outdated, as if it hasn’t been touched in a long time. On the other hand, it’s relatively simple and clear.

Selecting a country, you have to click through different packages to see their prices. It’s not terrible, but there are smoother ways to do this.

The absence of a mobile app is the most disappointing aspect. However, the mobile website runs very smoothly, so it’s somewhat forgivable. In this industry, however, others have an edge. Many customers may prefer companies where they can automatically log into an app and immediately see all information about their eSIM.

The user interface, once logged in, is essentially text-based. Simplicity is beautiful, but a bit more flair would be appreciated.

etravelsim review

Purchasing and Installing an eSIM

The purchase process feels a bit outdated. There’s no sign-in via Google or Apple accounts, etc. You register by entering your name, surname, email, and password. Once your account is created, you can start shopping.

Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards, as well as Apple Pay and PayPal. Google Pay, however, is missing, putting them slightly behind the competition.

And don’t freak out. If you want to pay by card, you first need to fill out your name, surname, and address. Only then can you enter your card number.

After payment, you’ll receive an email with a QR code. Simply scan this on the device where you want to use the eSIM, and it’s done. This also starts the activation of the eSIM. Therefore, it’s recommended to perform the installation just before departure to your destination.

To check data usage or adjust settings (start date, automatic renewal), you’ll need to log into your account on the website.

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Can I Share Data via Hotspot?

Data sharing with eTravelSim is only possible if you have a data-specific package. If you have unlimited data, you cannot share it.

eTravelSim Calling Option

Beyond the diversity in data volume and price, eTravelSim’s major competitive advantage is the calling option. With eSIM, you also get a phone number and a certain number of calling minutes, typically 100 minutes included in the package. You can pay extra for more minutes.

However, just like with unlimited data, the calling option isn’t offered in all countries. Always read carefully what your package includes for the specific country.

eTravelSim Loyalty Program

As if it were a placeholder, “a loyalty program is not currently available” could describe eTravelSim’s approach in this area.

They’re straightforward. No sign-up discount for the newsletter, no coupons, nothing back from purchases, or a discount for a friend. Not even a hint that they’re planning anything for the future.

It remains to be seen how they will address this. Here, the competition is significantly pulling ahead. At least you know where you stand and don’t have to ponder how to save even more.

etravelsim review

Customer Support

Support operates through chat and email, contact form, Whatsapp, and you can also call them through it. You start with a bot on chat, but if you don’t want to directly address your order, it connects you directly to a person, at least it seemed so from the written interaction.

Support is available 24/7. From my experience, it was relatively prompt and answered the questions posed. Greater empathy and better spelling – even in English – would be appreciated.

eTravelSIM review: Conclusion and Evaluation (Pros and Cons)

eTravelSim certainly has its place in the market. It’s among the relatively popular companies, acting as a good alternative to other companies, and you might find a good price or unlimited data for the country you’re heading to.

The packages with calling options are a huge advantage. In Europe, you even get 100 minutes free with every plan, which can come in handy.

So, these are factors to consider when choosing. However, if you don’t need to make calls or are happy using apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, etc., and the competition offers a similar price, eTravelSim doesn’t have much else to attract you.

The lack of an app and the need for more modern websites are downsides. Those could still be overlooked. What really needs improvement is the customer interface and payment system. I can imagine these being the deciding factors that tip the scales in favor of the competition.


  • The option of a local phone number
  • An interesting selection of data packages
  • Unlimited data


  • starší web a chybějící aplikace
  • No loyalty program
  • The registration and payment system could be more modern.


Packages offers
Loyalty program


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Heading abroad and haven't found your eSIM yet, or are you looking to explore other offers? Take a look at eTravelSim. Its offering might surprise you. Among various packages, you'll find options like free local calling minutes or unlimited packages. Let's more in our...eTravelSim review: Try Alternative eSIM provider