Best eSIM France: How to Stay Connected During Your Vacation

Are you planning to attend the Olympic Games, or just want to enjoy the beautiful French cities, villages, or head to the Riviera? Whatever your plans in France, you’ll definitely want to be online to order an Uber, check maps, and share your experiences on social media. The solution could be eSIM France. Is it worth more than a local SIM card? Let’s take a look.

Data eSIM France: How to Choose the Best One?

When choosing an eSIM, you need to consider how long you’ll be here and how much data you’ll roughly use. You can rely on Wi-Fi at your accommodation. Given the prices of data packages, you can buy one at least as a backup. Also, keep in mind that you will be using some apps that you don’t need at home, like maps or translators, which will also consume some data. If you need some help choosing, check out our article on how to choose the best eSIM.

In France, you can connect to 4 operators. If possible, we recommend choosing Free Mobile, which has the best 5G coverage in the country. However, you can’t go wrong with other operators like Bouygues Telecom, Orange, and SFR.

Using eSIM France

The Best Data eSIM for France

Let’s take a look at the most popular data packages and their prices.

The Cheapest Data Packages in France

With 1 GB of data, you won’t manage much, but it will be enough as a backup if you go without the internet for most of your trip.

The cheapest package is available from GlobalYO for a pleasant $0.89 with a validity of 7 days.

You can also get 1 GB from eSIM4Travel for $0.94. It is valid for 7 days. The advantage is that it is a Euro 35 package, which means it works in all EU countries and even some extras like Switzerland, Iceland, Turkey, or the United Kingdom.

If you want a longer validity, try Mobimatter. They offer 1 GB for $3.49 with a validity of 14 days. Additionally, you can travel to another 42 countries in Europe.

With Airalo, you will pay a dollar more – $4.50 with a validity of only 7 days. It works only in France. With Maya Mobile, you get 3 GB of data with a validity of 10 days for just half a dollar more.

esim4travel esim France
eSIM France offer from eSIM4Travel

Average Data Usage (5 GB)

If you want to be online a bit more during your holiday in France, but you’ll also have access to hotel Wi-Fi, 5 GB should be enough.

With their Europe 35 offer, eSIM4Travel wins again. They offer 5 GB for $5.80 with a validity of 30 days. Alternatively, for $5.10, you can get a package for France only. also boasts a great price of $6 for 5 GB of data for 15 days.

Mobimatter is also a good option, offering 5 GB for $6.99. Moreover, it is a global package, so it will work in other countries as well.

With other providers, prices generally exceed $10. For example, Airalo has its Bonbon package for France for $14.

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High Data Usage (10 GB)

If you want to be connected, use maps, social media, and the internet in general, you will want at least 10 GB.

The best price is currently offered by Airhub for $9.17 with a validity of 30 days. However, if you also want calling and your own number, you will pay $30 but get 50 GB of data, which is not bad at all.

With eSIM4Travel, you are at $9.77, which is great.

Mobimatter offers 12 GB of data for $11.99. You can use the extra data in 43 other countries.

Airalo provides this package for $23.

Unlimited Data in France

If you want to enjoy unlimited data on your vacation or need it for work, many providers offer unlimited data at relatively good prices. Just be careful. You may be limited by a maximum daily data usage, such as 3 GB per day, so read the terms carefully. In any case, the given amount should be sufficient for one day.

Airhub offers a very good price for unlimited data for 30 days at $36.50. Additionally, it works all over Europe and you have the option of calling.

Unlimited data is also cheap with ETravelSim. For 15 days, you will pay a pleasant $39.90.

With Holafly , you will pay $47 for 15 days of unlimited data. You can also pay extra for more days or buy fewer days.

With Maya Mobile, it is a bit cheaper as you will pay $44 for 15 days. Additionally, it is a Europe+ package, so you can be online in more countries. If you want to use a hotspot, it will cost $52.

If you want unlimited data with a VPN, check out Yesim, where they sell a 15-day package for $43.

It is also worth mentioning eSIM4Travel again, where you can prepay 1 GB or 2 GB daily for a certain number of days. For example, 2 GB daily for 10 days costs $22.

The choice of unlimited data in France is definitely pleasing because there is a lot to choose from.

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Overview of the Best eSIM France Packages

GlobalYO1 GB$0.897 days
eSIM4Travel5 GB$5.1030 days
Airhub10 GB$9.1730 days
Airhubunlimited$36.5030 days
Best eSIM France packages

Local SIM Card in France

You might consider buying a local SIM card upon arrival in Paris. That’s definitely not a problem. Just choose one of the four main operators Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange, and SFR. You will get a local number, minutes for calls, and SMS. Additionally, everything is valid throughout the European Union.

Purchasing is relatively simple. Just visit the operator’s store. You will only need an ID.

In various shops and kiosks, you will also find virtual operators. They use one of the networks of the main operators. These include, for example, Lyca Mobile, Sosh, RED, or La Poste Mobile, and many others.

Free Mobile offers the best coverage and prices. You get an extensive 5G network and will be online almost everywhere. However, other operators are not far behind.

The Best Local Operator

As I mentioned, the best price is with Free Mobile. You get a fantastic 250 GB for an amazing 19.90 Euros.

However, there are two small catches. Firstly, you need to buy a SIM card, which costs 10 Euros, so this package will cost you a total of 29.90 Euros, which is still a great price for the amount of data. Secondly, you need to make the purchase at their machine, which is only available in French. Also, be careful whether you buy unlimited validity or only for a month. If you buy unlimited validity, you commit to an annual plan, paying 19.90 Euros each month.

When buying from the machine, be prepared to enter your email address, a French address (e.g., your hotel), and know which SIM card size fits your mobile device (nano, micro, standard). You will pay by credit card.

free mobile france
Free Mobile operator offer

Cheaper with a Virtual Operator

If you want to go even lower in price, check out virtual operators. There are really many of them. Notable among them is Lyca Mobile. They also offer eSIM, so you can purchase similarly to regular eSIM providers. They offer, for example, 40 GB for 5.99 Euros or even 250 GB for 18.99 Euros. And since you don’t have to buy a SIM card like with Free, it’s even better.

Operator Prices

All operators generally offer unlimited (or at least a large number) of call minutes and text SMS. What varies greatly is the amount of data they offer in their packages.

  • 250 GB valid for 30 days from Free Mobile: 19.90 Euros (+ 10 Euros for the SIM card)
  • 20 GB valid for 14 days from Orange: 20 Euros
  • 30 GB valid for 30 days from Bouygues Telecom: 39.90 Euros (includes 25 Euros for international calls outside the EU)
  • 150 GB valid for 30 days from Bouygues Telecom: 40 Euros (does not work outside France)
  • 250 GB valid for 30 days from Free Mobile: 18.99 Euros (eSIM available)

If you want to use calls and text messages, you will need to top up your credit. Download the operator’s app to see the full overview and have the option to top up.

Summary of eSIM France

In France, data is very well available and not very expensive. So, it is definitely worth getting data for your exploration of the country. If you want it to be as convenient as possible, definitely get an eSIM France.

Some local operators offer a large amount of data at really good prices. The best option is the virtual operator Lyca Mobile.

However, you can’t go wrong with traditional eSIM providers like Airhub, Mobimatter, Airalo, or eSIM4Travel. It often pays to buy a package for the whole of Europe if you plan to visit multiple countries.


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