Revolut eSIM Review: Is it Worth a Try?

You probably know Revolut as a great way to make payments abroad during your vacation. For a long time, Revolut is not just a bank where you can exchange money conveniently, but it also offers travel insurance in its app. Now, Revolut eSIM has been added to the mix.

The company launched Revolut eSIM at the beginning of February in the United Kingdom. As of March 25, 2024, all customers can use this service, so you can try it out too.

Similar to insurance or stays, Revolut offers eSIM through a partner, which is 1GLOBAL.

To introduce eSIM to its customers, Revolut decided to run a promotion until the end of April, offering 100 MB for free to try on any package. Considering that we already use Revolut for our travels, it only took a few clicks to test the eSIM. Let’s see what you can expect.

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Coverage of Revolut eSIM

We start with just over 100 countries, which may not seem like much at first glance. Some eSIM providers can cover up to 200 countries. However, Revolut eSIM covers most tourist destinations and we can certainly expect a broader offering in the future.

Data Volume and Package Validity

Revolut has a very simple and clear offer in this regard. You can choose from 1 GB to 20 GB for all countries, which is good as a backup as well as for people who need a substantial amount of data.

All packages with 1 GB of data are valid for 7 days. The rest have a validity of 30 days.

If you run out of data, you can easily top up. The Revolut app will continue to work even if you have used up all your data.

revolut esim review


Revolut comes with relatively competitive prices and can often be more advantageous than, for example, Airalo. If you already use Revolut, it’s definitely worth checking how much you would pay for an eSIM with them.

Another pleasant fact is that prices are displayed in your main currency.

Read more about Revolut eSIM pricing and how it compares with providers like Airalo in our comparison article.

Clarity of Revolut eSIM App

First off, it’s necessary to say that eSIM in Revolut is an add-on to its services, and the app primarily serves banking purposes (currency exchange, payments, card management, savings, money transfer, etc.).

You can only find the package offer in their app. The subsequent purchase and installation of the eSIM also occur there. You won’t find a website where you can check current prices. If you are not yet a Revolut customer, you must register to access the offer. The website only provides a kind of help desk with general information about eSIM.

If you already use Revolut and have the app on your phone, you’ll appreciate how simple everything is. After logging in, select the Lifestyle tab, then eSIM, and you’re choosing the country you’re heading to. Individual tariffs and prices are displayed immediately. Nothing complicated. Simplicity is beauty.

In the app, you also see the amount of remaining data and the date your eSIM is valid until.

esim revolut remaining data

How Complicated Is the Purchase and Installation of Revolut eSIM?

As described above, the purchase is made through the app. To buy any eSIM, you must have enough money in Revolut. The amount for the eSIM is deducted from your Revolut balance. Topping up Revolut is not complicated and can be done in a few clicks using your payment card.

We must appreciate the installation of the eSIM itself. Nothing comes to your email, you don’t need to scan a QR code like with other providers. The installation and activation start right after the purchase directly in the app. Everything proceeds in simple steps, and the app guides you through the whole process.

The purchase and installation of Revolut’s eSIM took us less than three minutes from turning on the app. And the longest time was spent on loading and installation, where we didn’t have to do anything besides waiting.

esim revolut prices

Can I Share Data via a Hotspot?

Sure, there’s no problem with that. Just keep in mind that sharing data among multiple people will lead to faster data consumption.

Loyalty Program

In this regard, don’t expect much. Currently, there is no cashback or reward for recommending eSIM.

However, Revolut itself offers a reward for referrals, usually worth 1,100 CZK. But Revolut has to offer it to you. And your friend also needs to meet three conditions – add money to their Revolut account after registering, order a physical payment card, and make 3 purchases.

You can get additional benefits if you pay for one of the Revolut plans. One such benefit relates to eSIM. If you pay for Revolut Ultra (1,100 CZK per month), you get 3 GB of global data as a reward every month.

Customer Support

You can contact Revolut via online chat in the app and through the email

In the live chat, you talk to a robot, but you can ask to be connected to a live agent. However, you can only communicate with them in English.

Regarding eSIM, they will most likely refer you to the support center, where most things are described. However, they’ve tried to make it clear and easy to navigate.

However, when we asked about something not explicitly mentioned in the support center, we received a quick response. It was about using a package across the EU if, for instance, you purchase just for the Czech Republic (according to Revolut support, you can indeed use this package throughout the EU). Ironically, from the intermediary of this service, 1GLOBAL, we received a very vague answer, suggesting that we should turn to Revolut.

This pleasantly surprised us with customer support. We’ll see how it works in the future with bigger issues

revolut esim

Summary: Revolut eSIM Review (pros and cons)

By adding eSIM to its offerings, Revolut essentially provides an all-in-one app for travel. You can easily exchange currencies, make payments with a virtual card, secure insurance and accommodation, and now a data tariff as well.

For existing customers, this is definitely another plus. Moreover, such competition is certainly good for us as well. Other eSIM providers will need to be on their toes and further improve their services.

If you do not currently use Revolut and just want to buy an eSIM, it might be simpler with a traditional eSIM provider. Revolut is primarily a bank and therefore the registration process is like that of a bank (identity verification). An email won’t suffice.

All in all, we like Revolut’s eSIM implementation and will gladly use it in the future if it proves cost-effective.


  • competitive prices
  • good selection of data packages
  • multi-purpose app (essentially a bank offering eSIM)
  • easy installation


  • currently a smaller number of offered countries
  • you can see the offer only if you are registered


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