eSIM Tanzania and Zanzibar: Easy Solution for Travelers

Heading to discover the dazzling beaches of Zanzibar with white sand, the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, or the endless plains of the Serengeti? Who wouldn’t want to share such experiences on social media? Unfortunately, hotel Wi-Fi may not always offer the fastest connection. The solution is to purchase a SIM card or directly opt for an eSIM Tanzania. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

eSIM Tanzania: How to Select the Best One?

When choosing an eSIM, several factors need to be considered. These include, of course, the data volume and the duration of your stay in Tanzania. Remember, you typically use more data on a sightseeing vacation than at home.

Another important factor is whether you’ll be mainly around Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, or if you’re planning a safari trip to the Serengeti. If you plan to travel across Tanzania, we recommend choosing an eSIM that utilizes the Vodacom network, as it has the best coverage in the country. If you’re staying in Zanzibar, it doesn’t much matter whether you choose Vodacom, Airtel, or Tigo.

It’s also ideal to consider if you’ll be traveling to neighboring countries such as Kenya or Uganda; an eSIM that covers all these countries might be useful.

The Most Cost-Effective eSIM for Zanzibar and Tanzania

Let’s look at how much the most commonly used data packages cost.

esim tanzania
eSIM Tanzania from Airalo

Cheapest Packages

If 1 GB of data suffices for you, the cheapest option is available at Airalo, offering this package for 7 days at $4.5, connecting you to the Vodacom network.

If you’re heading to Uganda or Kenya and want one eSIM for all these countries, you can opt for MobiMatter and its Africa package for $6.99.

If you prefer connecting through Airtel for some reason, Nomad offers a 7-day package for $10.

Average Data Usage (5 GB)

If you need a bit more data, you can go for packages with 5 GB. Airalo offers the cheapest option for a 30-day package for $15.5. Both utilize the Vodacom network.

Nomad, with its package for $23, and MobiMatter at $21.99, are pricier, but it might be advantageous for some that Nomad uses the Airtel network and MobiMatter includes some neighboring countries. Both packages are valid for 30 days.

High Data Usage (10 GB)

The cheapest option offers Mobimatter with costs of $24.99 for 10 GB in Tanzania.

A 10 GB package is also affordably available at Airalo, where it costs $26. Slightly more expensive, Yesim charges $29. The differences here are minimal, both use the same Vodacom network and both offer a 30-day validity. I’d lean towards Airalo in this case.

Nomad’s package at $37 or MobiMatter’s at $34.99 seem quite expensive to me, and even if you plan to travel to surrounding countries, it might be more cost-effective to buy a separate eSIM for each country.

Unlimited data

Unlimited data is essentially only available at Holafly. They offer packages with validity ranging from 5 to 30 days. A typical holiday choice is 10 days for $37 or 15 days for $47, connected through Vodacom.

Next option is Yesim for 47 Euro for 15 days. You get free VPN with it.

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Overview of the Most Cost-Effective eSIM Tanzania Packages

Airalo1 GB$4.57 days
Yesim5 GB$13.515 days
Mobimatter10 GB$24.9930 days
HolaflyUnlimited$4715 days
eSIM Tanzania offers

Traditional SIM Card in Tanzania

In Tanzania, you can purchase SIM cards from four operatorsVodacom, Airtel, Tigo, and Halotel. Previously, Zantel was popular, but it has been acquired by Tigo.

Vodacom has the best coverage among all. Airtel and Tigo provide very good coverage in Zanzibar and around Dar es Salaam, but it might be less reliable in the Serengeti. Halotel has the weakest network, so its purchase is not recommended. Also, note that the 5G network is not available everywhere yet, so you’ll mostly have to rely on 4G.

To buy a SIM card, you’ll need to present your passport for registration, scan your fingerprints, and have your face photographed. Since not all places have fingerprint scanners, SIM card sales are limited to a few stores. Moreover, it takes some time to set everything up.

esim zanzibar

At airports, usually, one or two kiosks are available, but prices are significantly higher than outside the airport. In Zanzibar, payment is cash only, in euros or dollars. 1.4 GB for 7 days costs around $15! 4.8 GB is about $20, and 9.6 GB is $30 – these have a 30-day validity.

Outside the airport, look for specialized operator stores. Sometimes, it’s just two people under an umbrella with the company’s logo, but since scams are quite common in Tanzania, prefer buying from those who appear trustworthy. The SIM card itself costs 1000 – 1500 TZS (about 0.43 USD), which you then top up with a data package.

Packages vary from data-only to those including call minutes and SMS. 6 GB for 7 days costs around 10,000 TZS (about 4.30 USD), 12 GB for 30 days costs between 20,000 – 30,000 TZS (8.60 – 12.90 USD). Packages with free minutes are slightly more expensive.

Summary of eSIM Tanzania

Getting a SIM card in Zanzibar can be quite a hassle due to the need for fingerprint scanning. Also, be wary of scams. If you want to avoid these issues, purchasing an eSIM is a viable option.

The cheapest option is available at Airalo, but MobiMatter is also worth mentioning, as its package additionally covers Uganda and Kenya.

You can check out Airalo or Mobimatter review for more information.


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