Mobimatter Review: Cheap Alternative to Airalo in 2024

Do you travel between countries and are you tired of having to deal with a new SIM card in each country? We have the solution for you. MobiMatter offers a range of regional data eSIMs that let you travel across the continent without having to change or set up anything at the border. I hope our Mobimatter review help you decide wethere to get with it.

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We first heard about MobiMatter in early 2023 as a cheaper alternative to the Airalo we were using. But we didn’t know much about it, so we went with an already established provider. In the fall, however, we were touring the Balkan countries and when we saw how complicated and expensive it would be to find a different SIM or eSIM in each country, we decided to give it a try. And we’re about to tell you why we think it’s one of the best eSIM providers out there.

Mobimatter review: What they offer

MobiMatter is legit and a relatively new eSIM provider. It was only founded in Dubai in 2022. And it’s not really an eSIM provider so much as a comparator of different providers or operators. So often you don’t buy an eSIM from one operator in one country, you buy an eSIM from another provider. However, this way you can get an eSIM at a very good price.

The focus is mainly on data eSIMs, but rarely you will find an eSIM that gives you a few free minutes for calling. The interesting thing is that you can often find an eSIM for several countries at the same time.

mobimatter review


Even though MobiMatter has only been around for a short time, you will find eSIMs for over 200 countries and one of the widest selections of regional and global eSIMs.

You’ll find a selection of eSIMs for the Caribbean, the Middle East, Latin America as well as classics like all of Europe and all of Asia. What’s more, Europe really does include the vast majority of European countries, including all of the Balkans and even Israel or Turkey.

But you can also find more interesting combinations, such as an eSIM for the USA, Australia and

Data volume

You won’t find unlimited eSIM on MobiMatter. You’ll find 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 GB by default. But they also offer, for example, a 100 GB eSIM for Europe, which they will resell to you via AirAlo for exactly the same price.

If you want to add another GB of data to your eSIM, it’s almost always possible. You can even top up your European eSIM with data for the US and avoid having to install another eSIM. But we haven’t tried that, and frankly, I might be a little scared and would rather go through the installation again.


As we’ve already mentioned, MobiMatter’s eSIMs are very competitively priced, mainly because they have a really huge range. I think for African countries, the Balkans, Latin America or the Caribbean, you’d be hard pressed to find one cheaper.

But because they offer a lot of different packages, you have to do some digging to find the best deal. For example, you’re traveling to Japan, but you also want to visit Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. So it’s worth paying the extra $3 for an eSIM that covers all 3 countries instead of just Japan.

mobimatter review
Mobimatter review


There are standard eSIM validity periods of 7, 15 or 30 days, often tied to data volume. But you can also find eSIMs that are only valid for one day or one year, which you won’t find anywhere else. What’s more, the 1GB ones are only for 7 days, but Mobimatter have also packages with 1GB of data for 30 days, which can be useful if you just want to have an eSIM as a backup in case you get stuck and need to block your card in your bank account or get a number for a taxi.

Some packages only start to expire when you connect to a certain network in a certain country, some start to expire after installation. However, since some packages include your country, we recommend delaying the installation until just before you leave. However, installation must be done within 3 months of purchase.

Clarity of the Mobimatter website and app

The website and the app are only in English. In addition, they are one of the less clear ones, so I would recommend MobiMatter more to someone who already knows a bit about how eSIM works, how to install it and what to look out for.

You won’t learn much from the FAQs on the website and in the app. They cover the most basic questions, like how to install an eSIM or how to track your eSIM usage, but if you have a real problem with your purchase or usage, you’ll need to contact support.

How hard is it to buy and install an eSIM?

You can only pay in US dollars, either with a credit card or with Apple or Google Pay. You can’t pay with a virtual wallet like PayPal, etc. in the app. You can make purchases from both the website and the app.

After the purchase, you will receive an email and also see a QR code on your phone screen. So MobiMatter has chosen the QR code as the preferred installation option. However, you need a different device to download it. Fortunately, you can also install the eSIM manually in your phone’s settings using the code that came in your email. You won’t find this anywhere on MobiMatter, but you can trust our instructions.

Again, please note that the installation can only be done up to 3 months after purchase and you must have a phone that supports eSIM for it to work.

Can I share data via hotspot?

Since MobiMatter does not offer an unlimited data package, you can use the hotspot to share data with other devices. Just remember that the faster you use it, the faster it will run out.

Loyalty program

The loyalty program is designed for regular users. With each purchase, you can choose to receive an immediate 3% discount or 10% cash back, with the credits redeemable on your next purchase. However, this option is only worthwhile for those who use the eSIM a lot, as you can only redeem the credits if you accumulate more than $15. Also, if you don’t make any purchases within a year, the credits will expire completely.

If you refer a friend, you will receive 50% (up to a maximum of $5) of the price at which they make their first purchase. He or she will receive the same amount, but only as cash back, so you will not be able to redeem the credits for additional purchases until you have collected $15.

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Mobimatter code JEJDA23913
mobimatter review

Customer support

If you need help with anything, you can contact MobiMatter through the contact form on their website and app. However, you have to use English. You will have to click through quite a lot, they will offer you their FAQ several times, which may not help you. But when you finally send them a question, they respond to your e-mail quite quickly. On weekdays we got a response within an hour. On weekends it can be a bit worse, because nowhere does it say that they work 24/7.

Conclusion and rating (Pros, Cons)

On our 14-day trip through five different states, the eSIM worked great and was a fraction of the price we would have paid elsewhere. This makes MobiMatter very convenient for those who travel between countries and want an eSIM that works everywhere. You can find eSIMs at low prices, but at the cost of less clarity of the site and app. For someone getting an eSIM for the first time, it will be a little more difficult. Especially if they don’t speak English.


  • large selection of regional and global plans
  • low prices
  • hotspot option


  • application clarity
  • no 24/7 support
  • loyalty points expire after a year


Offer range
Website and app
Customer support


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