eSIM Montenegro: Which one choose for your vacation?

Are you planning to explore the beautiful nature of Montenegro, historic towns, relax on the beach, or do it all? You’ll surely appreciate staying online during your journey. Even though they use the Euro here and you only need an ID to enter, know that they are not yet in the EU and you’ll pay a lot for roaming here. Therefore, arrange your data in advance and consider using a Montenegro eSIM. In the following lines, you’ll also find out if a traditional SIM card might be a better option.

Data eSIM Montenegro: How to Choose the Best One?

When choosing an eSIM, you need to consider how long you’ll be here and how much data you’ll roughly use. You can rely on Wi-Fi at your accommodation. Given the prices of data packages, you can buy one at least as a backup. Additionally, you need to consider that you will use some apps here that you don’t need at home, like maps or a translator, which will also consume some data. If you need some help choosing, check out our article on how to choose the best eSIM.

In Montenegro, you’ll encounter three operators, we recommend choosing Telkom, which has the best coverage in the country.

eSIM Montenegro
Using eSIM Montenegro

The Most Advantageous Data eSIM for Montenegro

Let’s take a look at the prices of the most commonly used data packages.

Cheapest Packages

If you plan to buy a SIM card but want to have at least some temporary and cheap connection, 1 GB might be enough. This will also suffice if you have the internet mainly as a backup and maps downloaded on your phone.

The cheapest eSIM can be obtained from GlobalYO, where 1 GB of data costs $0.89 with a validity of 7 days. Paradoxically, this is an eSIM for Europe (it is valid in 36 countries), while the one specifically for Montenegro costs $12.96.

You can get a good deal with a package from Mobimatter. They offer 1 GB for $3.49 with a validity of 14 days.

With Airalo, you’ll pay a dollar more – $4.50 with a validity of only 7 days. Maya Mobile offers it for $5 for 10 days. But it covers the entire Balkans.

Airalo eSIM Montenegro
Airalo eSIM Montenegro offer

Average Data Usage (5 GB)

If you want to be more online during your vacation in Montenegro but will have the option to connect to hotel Wi-Fi, 5 GB should be enough.

The most advantageous option in this case is Mobimatter, which offers 5 GB for 30 days for a nice price of $10.99. If you want coverage in other Balkan countries as well, you’ll pay three dollars more.

Airhub is also worth considering with a price of $12. Moreover, it is a global package, so it will work in other countries as well.

You can also get a good price with GlobaleSIM, where the package will cost you a pleasant 11 dollars. For $14.49 you can get a European package from ReadteaGO.

Airalo offers this package for a competitive $15.

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High Data Usage (10 GB)

If you want to be online, use maps, social media, and the internet in general, you’ll want at least 10 GB.

The best price is currently available from GlobaleSIM. They also offer a phone number and for an additional fee, the ability to make calls. For 10 GB of data for 30 days, you pay an impressive $14.40. And if that’s not enough, for an extra ten dollars you get 20 GB for your browsing needs.

With Mobimatter you’re at a price of $17.99, which is also not bad. If you have plans to travel to more Balkan countries, you’ll pay seven dollars more.

A competitive price is offered by Airhub at $20. Airalo offers this package for $25.

Unlimited Data

Do you need to be online all the time for work, or do you simply want to make sure you never run out of data? Unlimited data is the solution. Just keep in mind that unlimited data is not always truly unlimited. You can often use 3 GB per day after which the internet speed slows down. The next day, however, you are back to full speed.

At Holafly you pay $47 for 15 days of unlimited data. If you need 30 days, it costs $79.

With Maya Mobile you pay $64 for 15 days, which unfortunately is not a great deal.

As you can see, the offer of unlimited data is not the best. Further in the article, you’ll find that it is much more worthwhile to buy from a local operator, as you get more for your money.

Large Data Packages in Montenegro

In Montenegro, you can buy a local SIM with 500 GB of data and 1,000 GB of data. In this regard, Mobimatter has stepped up, currently offering these SIMs at a similar price to those available directly in Montenegro. They offer them directly from the local operator, so there’s no need to go to a store and you can order before your trip.

The prices are really good, with 500 GB of data costing $16.99 and double the data even just $21.99. You also get a local phone number. However, there are no SMS or call minutes included, but people can call you.

The only caveat is that you will need to register as if you were buying a SIM in a local store, presenting identification. After purchasing on Mobimatter you follow the registration instructions, which takes just a minute.

The data will also work in other Balkan countries. Mobimatter states that when purchasing 1,000 GB, you get 9 GB in other countries and 7 GB with the smaller package. Which is still a decent amount.

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Overview of the Best eSIM Montenegro Packages

GlobalYO1 GB$0.897 days
Mobimatter5 GB$10.9930 days
GlobaleSIM10 GB$14.4030 days
Holaflyunlimited$4715 days
Mobimatter500 GB$16.9930 days
Best eSIM Montenegro Packages

Traditional SIM Card in Montenegro

Are you wondering if it would be more worthwhile to buy a local SIM card? We have a simple answer for you: Yes! SIM cards are cheap and you get a lot of data.

It should be noted that now similar offers as local operators are also available from Mobimatter. They offer it through the local operator, which is ideal because it’s the same as buying a local SIM card.

In Montenegro, you will find three main operators. They all have similar prices. These are Crnogorski Telekom, One, and M:tel. You can buy a SIM card at a kiosk or in the official store of the operator. You always need to present some identification documents (passport, ID card).

If you don’t want to buy a SIM card on the spot, you can buy one from Telekom and have it sent to your home (well in advance so that it arrives before you leave for vacation).

And if you prefer eSIM, know that even as a tourist you can get one and arrange everything online. Don’t be alarmed, you’ll also need to go through identity verification. On Telekom’s website they promise it won’t take more than two minutes.

As for coverage, Telekom has the best, followed by One and Mtel. Given the same prices from all operators, we can recommend buying an eSIM or SIM card from Telekom.

A big advantage is also that your data will work in these countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Kosovo. If you’re planning a trip with visits to multiple countries, you’ll surely appreciate this option.

Telekom eSIM Montenegro
Offer from the mobile operator Telekom

Operators’ Prices

This is very simple. All three operators offer the same packages for the same prices. They mainly offer these two:

  • 500 GB with a validity of 15 days: 15 Euro
  • 1 TB with a validity of 30 days: 20 Euro

If you also want to use calls and text messages, you’ll need to top up your credit. Download the operator’s app where you can see the entire overview and also have the option to top up.

Summary of eSIM Montenegro

Montenegro has accessible and quality mobile signal. It will definitely be worthwhile to get one of the offered packages during your vacation.

If you want to be online as quickly as possible and don’t want to go through identity verification and system registration (whether online or at a kiosk), you can choose a slightly more expensive option in the form of one of the data eSIM providers. We found Mobimatter to be the most worthwhile on our Balkan trip and we were extremely satisfied with it.

If you want to save a bit and get a lot of data, definitely go with the local operator. From what we know from our friends, they were always satisfied and their internet worked well across the Balkans. If you don’t want to wait until you reach Montenegro, you can now buy the same data from Mobimatter.


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