eSIM Indonesia: Be Online in Bali, Java and Jakarta

If you’re looking forward to enjoying the beaches of the Indonesian islands and the local nature, you’ll definitely want to stay online during your travels across Bali, Jakarta, or Java and share your experiences with your loved ones. If you prefer not to deal with selecting a SIM card upon arrival and wish to avoid showing your passport and negotiating with local sellers, eSIM Indonesia is your solution. Read on to find out which packages are most advantageous. We’ll also compare them with the offers of traditional SIM cards.

eSIM Indonesia: How to Choose the Best One?

You should definitely consider the expected length of your stay as well as the amount of data you will consume. Remember, you’re likely to be off the Wi-Fi signal frequently during your vacation, which may increase your data usage compared to being at home.

esim indonesia

Consider also the specific places you plan to visit. If tourist areas like Bali, Jakarta, or Java are in your sights, you should be fine with any operator. Telkomsel has absolutely the best coverage and is suitable even for more extensive exploration of the islands. You can’t go wrong with XL Axiata and IM3 either, though they offer slightly weaker signal in more remote areas. All three have 5G networks in the most popular tourist destinations.

If you’re planning a trip that includes neighboring countries, a regional eSIM that covers multiple countries might be worth considering. If you’re unsure, you might want to check out our article on how to choose the best eSIM.

The Most Cost-Effective Data eSIM for Indonesia

Let’s take a look at the most widely used data packages. We’ve selected the most advantageous and reliable providers for you.

Cheapest Packages

Do you just need 1 GB as a necessary backup and won’t be using the internet much? Then eSIM4Travel offers the cheapest package, currently at $2.80 for 7 days, connecting via XL Axiata (Excelcom).

A slightly higher price of $2.89 is available from TEXTReSIM, which is a promotional price and may increase at any time.

If you prefer the popular Airalo, you’ll pay $5.50. Paradoxically, the Asialink package with 18 countries including Indonesia is cheaper at $5. For more extensive use, 2GB for $15 days at $8 is more cost-effective, especially since it uses Telkomsel, which is the best network in Indonesia.

esim indonesia
eSIM Indonesia from Airalo

Average Data Use (5 GB)

If you use Wi-Fi during your vacation but still want to have the option to check maps or business hours occasionally, then 5 GB of data may suffice.

The cheap option again is eSIM4Travel, offering 5 GB for $7.95 for 30 days.

You’ll pay a bit more at Maya Mobile. The price varies depending on the chosen duration, as they offer 5 to 30 days. For the shortest duration, you pay $9, for 10 days it’s $10, and both 15 and 30 days cost $11 each. If you’re staying for more than 7 days, Maya will be a better option.

Mobimatter charges $6.99 for a 30-day validity, make it the cheapest offer. If you’re traveling to other Asian countries as well, their package covering 10 countries, which is only half a dollar more expensive, might be worth considering.

At Airalo, the price tag is quite high since 5 GB with a 30-day validity costs $16.50.

High Data Use (10 GB)

For those who like to surf the internet and want to stay online, 10 GB should be sufficient for a regular vacation.

The cheapest you can get is from Mobimatter, offering even 15 GB for 30 days at $11.99. The downside might be coverage. Purchase this eSIM if you plan to stay in Bali, Jakarta, and popular destinations on Java. Otherwise, you might be without a signal.

eSIM4Travel has a nice price of $14.39.

Airalo’s offer isn’t bad either, costing $16.50 for a 30-day period.

With Maya Mobile, you’re looking at $17 for 10 days. If you want at least 15 days, you’ll pay a dollar more.

If you’re interested in the option to call, GlobaleSIM‘s package at $18 might be suitable.

esim indonesia
esim Indonesia from eSIM4Travel

Unlimited data

You’ll find a relatively broad offering if you need unlimited data.

Holafly, a leader in unlimited data offerings, has a standard vacation package for 15 days at $47. Remember, with Holafly, you cannot share data.

The cheapest unlimited eSIM for 15 days is available from eTravelSIM at $39.

For safer surfing, try Yesim, which offers free VPN service. 15 days cost €46.

For 30 days at an excellent price of $39.99, YOHO Mobile offers unlimited data. Just be aware that after using 30 GB

, your speed will be throttled to 1 Mbps. The advantage is that you can use a hotspot.

With Maya Mobile, unlimited data for 15 days costs $44, and if you want to share it, you’ll pay $64.

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Comprehensive Most Advantageous Packages for eSIM Indonesia

eSIM4Travel1 GB$2.807 days
Mobimatter5 GB$6.9930 days
Mobimatter15 GB$11.9930 days
YOHO MobileUnlimited$39.9930 days
eSIM Indonesia

Classic SIM Card in Indonesia

If you don’t need to be online right after landing and want to save even more, purchasing a local SIM card is significantly cheaper. Just be prepared for slower speeds than you’re used to, as you’ll mostly be accessing 4G/LTE networks, though this is gradually improving as Indonesia develops.

You can purchase a SIM card directly at the airport upon arrival. Expect a limited offer and possibly higher prices there. Presenting your passport when buying is a given. Alternatively, it’s recommended to visit an operator’s store in the city. Just be prepared not to have data immediately upon arrival.

Telkomsel offers the best signal throughout Indonesia. If you plan to travel extensively, we recommend buying a SIM card from this company. They have a tourist package offering 25 GB of data and 25 minutes of calling for approximately $10 (150,000 rupiah, depending on the current exchange rate). The advantage is that you can order it before your trip and pick it up at one of the collection points.

If you visit the store, you might find even more advantageous packages. Check out the offer and don’t let them push the tourist SIM card on you.

esim indonesia
Telkomsel Tourist SIM card

Even cheaper options are available with XL Axiata. You can get 30 GB of data for about $4. If you’re heading to tourist destinations and don’t need to be online right at the airport, this is a good choice.

IM3 has good coverage because it was created by merging three operators. You get 20 GB for approximately $7 with them.

The fourth player is Smartfren. This is a relatively new market entrant, so it has the worst coverage and doesn’t offer 5G anywhere. They try to compensate with very good prices, but since the previous operators are also very well-off and have much better coverage, we currently cannot recommend this operator.


Many people know Indonesia as a fantastic place for digital nomads. Affordable and good quality internet connection is one of the reasons why not only they but also other travelers have come to love the place. In the best tourist destinations, you’ll have high-quality connectivity, often even the fastest 5G network.

Data costs relatively little, whether you buy an eSIM or a local SIM card. It’s up to you whether you’re willing to go to a store and purchase a cheap package with a local number or prefer to conveniently arrange an eSIM from the comfort of your home or even at the airport just before departure.


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