Stay online at EURO 2024 with eSIM Germany

Are you heading to the EURO 24 football championship or just want to explore the magic of Germany? Either way, you’ll likely want to stay online to share your experiences, navigate yourself with maps, or simply stay in touch with loved ones. This brings us to the question: What SIM card or eSIM Germany should you get to stay online without unnecessary roaming expenses? We’ll try to clarify it in this article.

Data eSIM Germany: How to choose the best one?

When choosing an eSIM, consider how many days you’ll spend in Germany and how much data you will use. Generally, you tend to use more data while traveling than at home. If you need help, check out our article How to Choose the Best eSIM for International Travel in 2024.

Before you buy an eSIM, make sure your phone supports eSIM technology and is unlocked. How to find out? Read here.

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The most cost-effective data eSIM Germany

Let’s take a look at how much the most commonly used data packages will cost you.

The cheapest packages

The cheapest 1 GB package can be purchased from eSIM4Travel for only $1.5 with a 7-day validity.

Take advantage of a discount from Jetpac and get an eSIM for 4 days for only $1.

You’ll see another excellent offer from MobiMatter, where 1 GB of data costs $3.49. You can choose from two almost identical packages, valid in several other European countries for 7 or 14 days.

For $4, you can get an eSIM with a 30-day validity from eTravelSIM. If you don’t mind paying an extra half dollar, you’ll get an eSIM that is valid across Europe and also comes with 100 free calling minutes (with a phone number starting with +44).

What seems not worth it, in our opinion, is an eSIM from Airalo, where you pay $5 for a 7-day validity eSIM.

Average data usage (5 GB)

If you want to enjoy more data, consider opting for packages with 5 GB. Once again, the cheapest options are available from the providers mentioned earlier.

MobiMatter offers a package with 5 GB for $6.99. Its validity is 30 days and you can also be online in other European countries.

For $7.05, you can purchase a 5 GB eSIM from eSIM4Travel. It’s valid for 30 days, but you can only use it in Germany.

Worth mentioning again is eTravelSIM, but not the package for Germany, rather a 4 GB package for Europe. You can get it for $7.49 and it comes with 100 minutes of calling.

Other providers like Airalo or Nomad offer a 5 GB eSIM for $14-15.

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High data usage (10 GB)

If you’re looking for an even larger data package, consider the 10 GB eSIM options.

The cheapest can be purchased from MobiMatter, where it costs $11.99. It’s valid for 30 days and allows you to connect in other European countries as well.

Another advantageous offer is from eSIM4Travel, where a 10 GB eSIM for Germany costs $12.61. However, we recommend looking at the eSIM for Europe, where you can get it for only $10.4.

Maya Mobile also offers 10 GB for $13, but its validity is only 5 days. If you want more days, you’ll need to pay extra – $14 for 10 days, $15 for 15 days, and $16 for 30 days.

If you want some free calling minutes, we recommend buying an eSIM from eTravelSIM. For $19.99, you get 10 GB of data and 100 free minutes throughout Europe.

Unlimited data in Germany

If you don’t like restrictions and are looking for unlimited data in Germany, we can recommend these providers.

A cheaper version of unlimited eSIM can be found at Yesim. You can choose from three options – 7 days for 22€, 15 days for 43€, or 30 days for 59€. With this eSIM, you can use hotspot as much as you like, and it includes VPN as well.

If you opt for Holafly, definitely buy the Europe package. The prices are the same as those for Germany only, but you also have the option to choose the exact number of days you need, and so potentially saving money. You can choose from 1 up to 90 days. For comparison, prices are $27 for 7 days, $47 for 15 days, and $69 for 30 days. You can also use hotspot with this eSIM, but only 0.5 GB per day.

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A clear overview of the most advantageous eSIMs Germany

eSIM4Travel1 GB$1.57 days
MobiMatter5 GB$6.9930 days
MobiMatter10 GB$11.9930 days
Yesimunlimited43€15 days
The best eSIMs Germany

Tourist prepaid SIM card in Germany

Are you wondering if there’s a cheaper option with a classic plastic SIM card in Germany? Let’s take a look.

Mobile operators in Germany

In Germany, you will meet 3 main mobile operators – Telekom, Vodafone, and Telefónica O2. Besides, you will find SIM cards from many virtual operators such as Lycamobile, Lebara, Aldi Talk, Lidl Connect, Edeka Smart, and others, who use the networks of the three previously mentioned operators.

Telekom has the best coverage among all three, so if you plan to stay in remote rural areas or are heading to a major event where signal often drops, it is the best choice. In large cities, honestly, it doesn’t matter much. If interested, you can check their coverage maps:

Purchasing a prepaid SIM card

You can buy a prepaid SIM card at operators’ stores, in electronics stores (such as Mediamarkt or Saturn), at gas stations, at newsstands, or at supermarkets at the checkouts (Aldi, Lidl, Edeka).

If you decide to buy SIM card at the airport, expect to pay much more than outside the airport because they only offer selected tourist packages for 30-40€ for 10 GB.

For the purchase, you will need an ID and a German address (they should accept hotel addresses).

If you buy a SIM directly from an operator, they should walk you through the entire registration and activation process, so you leave with a fully functional SIM card. Sometimes, however, they have issues with non-European IDs or demand significant additional fees for registration.

If you buy a SIM card from a virtual operator (e.g., Aldi, Lidl), you will need to manage the activation process yourself and find some public Wi-Fi. In the supermarket, you purchase a “starter pack” (be careful not to just buy a recharge coupon) for example for 10€, which will have 10€ credited. On the website (listed on the package), you fill all yours personal datas, select the amount of data you want (if it costs more, you pay the difference with a card), photograph your documents, and make a video call to show you are indeed the person on the ID (video call option is often only available during the day e.g., from 8:00 to 22:00).

If you have an ID from a non-EU country, a QR code might be shown, which you then need to take to the post office where they verify your documents. You will have an active SIM card within 2 hours. During registration, be careful not to check that you want to renew the plan, so the operator doesn’t deduct money every time you run out of data or SIM card expires.

esim germany

The entire process is summarized in this video. If you need help with registration with a specific operator, try to find a tutorial on YouTube. Here you can see what activation at Aldi Talk looks like.

Telekom and Vodafone offer eSIM with their prepaid cards. Only at Vodafone can you order it online. With Telekom, you first need to buy a classic SIM card, activate it, and then ask the operator to transfer it to an eSIM.

Beyond all this, you also have to consider the opening hours of the shops and the fact that nearly everything in Germany is closed on Sunday. So, if you arrive late on Saturday evening, you will probably have to wait without a SIM card until Monday.

Our tip: Lebara and Lycamobile can guide you through the entire registration process in English if you’re unsure about handling websites or apps that are only in German.

Prices of prepaid SIM cards in Germany

Prices are similar across all operators. They all offer packages for 28 days, and it basically depends on whether you get an extra 1 GB or some free minutes for calls or SMS. With all these SIM cards, you can also make calls and use data in all EU member states without additional charges.

  • 1 GB around 5 €
  • 5 GB around 10 €
  • 10 GB around 15 €

Among the traditional operators, Telekom is the most expensive, followed by Vodafone, and then O2. This corresponds with their coverage. If you want better services, you have to pay a bit more, but it’s within a few euros.

Among the virtual operators, Aldi Talk is most worthwhile. Lidl Connect and Edeka Smart have prices comparable to the major operators. Lycamobile and Lebara are also advantageous, but not those purchased at the airport. 🙂

Summary of eSIM Germany

Obtaining and activating a traditional SIM card in Germany can be quite difficult for foreigners. You must adapt to store opening hours, activate the SIM card, and avoid the overpriced SIM cards at airports. On the other hand, you have a SIM card with data and free minutes that you can use for calls and surfing across the entire EU.

However, several eSIM providers can compete with this. For example, you can purchase a very inexpensive option from MobiMatter, with which you can be online in other European countries, including neighboring Switzerland, something a traditional SIM card does not offer. With eTravelSIM, you can also buy an eSIM for all of Europe (including Switzerland) and get either 100 or 200 free minutes for calls.

Purchasing an eSIM is also simpler, as you can do it before you leave home and then connect as soon as you cross the border.


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