eSIM Canada: Which One Is the Best For Travelers?

Planning a trip to Canada and wondering how to stay connected? Canada was our first country where we tried an eSIM, because local data SIMs are terribly overpriced. This was from Airalo, of course, being the most well-known provider. But we’ll show you that there are plenty of options to choose from.

Canada is a huge country with lots of nature and uninhabited areas. So don’t expect to have coverage everywhere. Less than 30% of the country is covered, mostly around the major cities. We traveled between major cities on the east coast, and even between them the signal fluctuated, so we definitely recommend downloading maps to your phone for offline use. You’ll also want to get some fun play apps (or book) for riding the subway in Toronto and Vancouver, as you won’t have data there either.

eSIM Canada: How to choose the best one?

The first thing I have to say is that the classic SIM cards you get in Canada are really expensive. So I recommend you find out if your phone supports an eSIM and get one.

You need to take into account how long you’ll be in Canada, how much data you’ll be using (you can connect to Wi-Fi in hotels and restaurants, but if you’re going to be more outdoors, you’ll have to rely on cellular data only), and what area you’ll be in.

In fact, we recommend that you choose the carrier that your eSIM connects to accordingly. Bell and Telus have the best coverage, followed by Rogers and smaller carriers that only operate in certain areas (SaskTel in Saskatchewan, Videotron in Quebec and Ottawa, Freedom Mobile only in cities).

If you’re traveling to the US at the same time, an eSIM that covers both countries in one package might come in handy.

The best data eSIM for Canada

At the time of writing, we came across this promotion from MOGO that will get you the eSIM at really rock bottom prices. The connection should also be good as MOGO uses the Bell and Telus networks. So check to see if the offer is active. If not, read on and select the eSIM of your choice.

esim canada mogo
discount from MOGO

Cheapest plans

If you only need data for backup and 1 GB is enough, we recommend checking out our holy trinity of deals.

The cheapest deal is from MobiMatter, which offers 1 GB for $4.99. As a bonus, it’s valid for 14 days and you can use the eSIM to travel to the US. In Canada, MobiMatter’s eSIM should work like a charm, as it can be connected through any of the big three carriers.

But it’s also worth mentioning eSIMs from Airalo or Nomad. Both offer 1 GB for $6, but both only have a 7-day plan. Both plans can only be used in Canada, where they work with all 3 major carriers, and Nomad even works with SaskTel and Videotron. But for beginners, their apps, especially the Airalo app, may be easier to use.

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Average usage (5 GB of data)

You can get a 5GB plan from all providers for 30 days and at a very similar price.

MobiMatter offers it for $16.99 and again, it can be used for travel to the US. Airalo and Nomad both have it for the same price of $18.

High data usage (10 GB or more)

In the higher data usage category, there is no difference in the composition of the providers.

The cheapest is again MobiMatter, but this time you even have 2 offers. The first offer is a $21.99 plan that applies to the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia in addition to Canada. It may seem like the right choice, but if you only want it to Canada, you need to think about the fact that this eSIm can only connect to the Rogers network, which may limit you in less populated areas.

On the other hand, the second offer from MobiMatter is priced at $29.99 and you can only use it to the US in addition to Canada, but it can also connect to the other two carriers, giving you a better connection.

Other pretty decent offers are from Nomad with an eSIM for $32 (but now they have a discount so you can get it for $30) or from Airalo with an eSIM for $35.

Unlimited data with eSIM Canada

The best deal on unlimited data is from Holafly, where 10 days of unlimited data will set you back $37, 15 days $47, and 20 days $54. Keep in mind that Holafly doesn’t allow you to share data over a hotspot with other devices.

If you want to use the hotspot, you can get an eSIM from eTravelSIM, which will set you back $60.99 for 14 days, but you can travel to the US with it, where you can also make unlimited calls and use the hotspot at the same time.

Overview of the best packages for 14 days

MobiMatter1 GB$4,9914 days
MobiMatter5 GB$16,9930 days
MobiMatter10 GB$21,9930 days
Holaflyunlimited$4715 days
eSIM Canada best offers

Local SIM card in Canada

Due to the lack of competition, phone services in Canada are some of the most expensive in the world.

If you want to buy a local SIM card in Canada, you can do so at special carrier stores or convenience stores like 7eleven (but they won’t help you activate it). You will need a passport.

You can choose from three carriers: Telus, Bell and Rogers. In some provinces you’ll find others, such as SaskTel in Saskatchewan, Videotron in Quebec and Ottawa, Freedom Mobile in major cities (you’ll have data even on the subway).

All three major carriers have very similar plans. 1 GB is about CAD 35, 5 GB is CAD 45, and 10 GB is CAD 55. Rogers has slightly smaller packages at these prices. You always get unlimited calls and texts across Canada. The package is good for one month. Even if you don’t use all your data, you’ll have to buy more and pay for another month.

Less than 30% of the country is covered. Even so, you’ll usually get a signal where people live. If you’re going to more remote areas, we recommend getting a SIM or eSIM that works on the Bell or Telus network, as Rogers has the worst coverage of the three, especially in areas of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or the Northwest Territories.

sim kanada
Teluc coverage
esim kanada
Rogers coveragee
datová sim kanada
Bell coverage


In Canada, local SIM cards are overpriced and it is definitely more worthwhile to get an eSIM. The best option in almost all categories is the one from MobiMatter, which you can even use to travel to the US. But our choice of data through Airalo wasn’t a bad choice either, and we’d definitely get an eSIM again next time.


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