Top 8 Best eSIM Providers

You’re probably getting ready for a vacation, wanting to stay online during your travels and, of course, save money. Look no further! We are rady to show you the best eSIM providers.

In the bustling digital age where eSIM providers abound with enticing offers, making the right choice can be overwhelming. All offer slightly different services, catering to various needs. Whether you’re a globetrotter, a business traveler, or an occasional vacationer, our expertly curated guide on the best eSIM providers is your ticket to staying connected effortlessly across borders.

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How to Pick the Best eSIM Providers

The beauty of eSIMs lies in their flexibility and affordability. With options to test services for just a few dollars, you can discover the ideal fit without breaking the bank.

Here’s what to consider:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: In a market rich with choices, competitive pricing is key. Take advantage of promotions and first-purchase discount codes to make the most of your travel budget.
  • Validity Period: eSIM plans typically range from 7 to 30 days. Match the duration to your travel itinerary for maximum value.
  • Data Needs: Assess your data consumption. Providers offer varied plans, including those with unlimited data – a boon for heavy internet users.
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Our Selection of the Best eSIMs

As I wrote, the selection of eSIMs has many specifics. In the following lines, I’ll show you which ones I consider the best and add reasons that make them exceptional. Many providers excel in different aspects and bring needed competition to the market. If you have a favorite provider not listed here, feel free to share in the comments.

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1. Mobimatter – best prices

Sure, everyone knows Airalo, but Mobimatter has proven itself with its pricing. Offering a wide range of packages, even from other eSIM providers, it often has the lowest prices.

We especially appreciated its selection when traveling across multiple countries. When we went to the Balkans, we looked everywhere for the most suitable eSIM and resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d have to buy an eSIM for each country or at least more regional ones. But Mobimatter offered an eSIM that worked in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other countries, all for a nice price of $27 for 30 days with 10 GB.

Overall, Mobimatter often wins our comparison across countries. That’s why you’ll frequently find it in our recommendations.

It also offers a generous loyalty program. You get back 10% of the price from each order. And for a referral, both you and your friend get $5.

You can find our Mobimatter review here.

Advantages of Mobimatter

  • Really cheap packages
  • Packages working in multiple countries (we found the entire Balkans useful)
  • Generous loyalty program

2. Holafly – Unlimited Data

In the world of eSIM, Holafly is essentially synonymous with unlimited data. If you’re looking for an eSIM with unlimited data for your travels, Holafly will likely pop up.

This provider is one of our favorites also because of its excellent customer support, where they quickly respond to our curious inquiries. Moreover, they continually strive to advance. We know that data sharing isn’t much possible with them. However, in some countries (USA, Canada), they have already launched this option.

If you don’t want to limit yourself on your vacation, definitely consider Holafly.

Read our Holafly review.

Advantages of Holafly

  • Unlimited data
  • Excellent customer service

3. Airalo – Customer-Proven Provider

Airalo is a classic that everyone knows. It was the first eSIM provider we tried and made us fall in love with eSIMs.

You might find better prices elsewhere, but in our eyes, it remains the flagship to the world of eSIM. You can rely on Airalo, as it’s tested by millions of customers worldwide. Plus, it still offers one of the widest selections. You can connect through it in over 200 countries worldwide. And that counts.

We can certainly praise its loyalty program. You get back at least 5 % from each order, and for a referral, both you and your friend get $3.

Plus, they have a really slick app where even a complete beginner won’t get lost. And if they do, they have quality customer support at hand.

You can find our Airalo review here.

Advantages of Airalo

  • The largest selection of countries
  • Great customer experience
  • Simple and helpful app
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4. Yesim – data with VPN

Besides offering many packages with good prices, Yesim often provides unlimited data. We also appreciate the variability regarding the number of days and data. This makes it easier to assemble a combination that suits you.

However, one of the biggest advantages of Yesim is that you get a VPN for free with every package. This gives you greater security for your transmitted data. Plus, you can browse sites and use apps that may be blocked in your dream destination.

If you’re looking for an eSIM with the option of a VPN for your travels, try Yesim. You’ll likely kill two birds with one stone.

Advantages of Yesim

  • Wide range of offers
  • Free VPN with the package
  • Often offers unlimited data

5. GlobaleSIM – Data and the Option to Make Calls

Most eSIM providers focus only on data. Occasionally, you’ll find plans that offer you the option to make calls in addition to data. However, if you don’t want to be deprived of this option, take a look at GlobaleSIM’s offer.

For each country, you can choose whether to add minutes for calls: either 100 or 200 minutes. Additionally, if you call someone who also has the GlobaleSIM app, it’s free. And even if you don’t want to buy minutes for calls, you get the option of free incoming calls.

Moreover, GlobaleSIM has very good prices for data packages. If you want to be available for regular phone calls, this provider is definitely worth considering.

Advantages of GlobaleSIM

  • The option of traditional calling
  • Competitively priced data packages

6. Maya Mobile – Combination of Days and Data + Hotspot for Unlimited Data

One of the providers that appears more often in our recommendations for various countries is Maya Mobile. In addition to very competitive prices, it caught our attention with the ability to set the number of days and GB. We appreciate this customization option.

With unlimited data, the problem is often that you cannot share it. This isn’t very convenient if you want to help a friend or be online on your laptop for a while. Maya Mobile offers, for a small hotspot, the option of data sharing. Either for such light sharing or a more demanding program for groups.

Advantages of Maya Mobile

  • Variability of data plans
  • The possibility of sharing unlimited data
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7. ETravelSim – A Quality Alternative

ETravelSIM is also among the favorite providers. People particularly praise it for its good customer experience.

It serves as a quality alternative to all the above-mentioned providers. It doesn’t offer unlimited data everywhere, nor the option to make calls, or the widest selection. However, its offer is very diverse, and you can find some packages cheaper than the competition.

It can happen that for a similar price, it offers the option of calls or unlimited data. Therefore, it can definitely be recommended if you are looking for an alternative to other providers. Before buying elsewhere, check if ETravelSIM offers something more advantageous. They often have various promotions.

Advantages of ETravelSIM

  • A quality alternative to other providers
  • You can find a good deal
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8. GigSky – Online in the Airplane and at Sea

Honestly, we haven’t tried GigSky yet. Why? We discovered it only recently. And besides, it doesn’t have much use for us. Thanks to its features, it certainly belongs on this list.

Have you ever thought during your flight that you would like to check the internet and be online? GigSky allows just that. They have everything sorted out with airlines like Qatar, British Airways, or even Ryanair. During your flight at high altitudes, you connect to their network and can connect with your loved ones.

They currently offer 100 MB for $13.99, which isn’t a chart-topper. But for writing on social networks, checking your emails, etc., it’s definitely enough.

And that’s not all. They also focus on other blind spots where you often can’t connect. That’s at sea. They currently have the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea (between Britain, Denmark, and Norway) in their offer. The offer will be appreciated by workers on some platforms, but also by travelers who are currently being transported in these regions.

Advantages of GigSky

  • Online in the airplane
  • Online at sea
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Do You Have Your Best eSIM Provider?

As with everything, the process of choosing an eSIM can be more complex. The more you delve into this world, the more options you find.

The above-mentioned eSIM providers are among the best in the market, and each of our recommended providers brings something unique to the table. We can recommend them with a clear conscience. Embrace your further journey with the right eSIM choice – happy travels!


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