Yesim review: More than eSIM provider

Planning a trip abroad, considering getting an eSIM, and thinking about a VPN? Yesim tackles two birds with one stone. This progressive eSIM provider not only brings to the market a range of eSIM bundles but also, as we’ll see in this Yesim review, offers compelling reasons why you should consider it.

Originating from Switzerland, Yesim falls under the Genesis Group AG umbrella. Aiming to be among the leading providers of telecommunication services globally, it sets out to offer the widest range of services with a focus on secure connections and the utilization of the latest technologies. Besides eSIMs with VPN, you can also find options to purchase a virtual number.

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Yesim review: eSIM Offerings

Yesim boasts a broad and clear eSIM selection. And because every eSIM comes with the option to use a VPN, it definitely warrants consideration.

Yesim’s Country Coverage

You can purchase eSIMs for over 150 destinations worldwide, which more than suffices for the average tourist. If you’re planning extensive travel and don’t want to purchase a separate eSIM for each destination, you can choose from 10 different regions.

Moreover, Yesim offers a global package that you can gradually top up with data as needed. Called the International eSIM, it works in 134 countries worldwide. It’s not time-restricted and can be recharged as needed. This is nice when you want just one eSIM for your traveling and your are satisfied with Yesim prices and app.

Data Volume with Yesim

Almost all countries offer a choice of 4 different data packages, ranging from 1 GB to 20 GB. However, that’s not all. Yesim prides itself on a rich selection of unlimited tariffs. Unfortunately, they’re not entirely unlimited. You can use a maximum of 50 GB, plus an additional 5 GB of slower connection. According to their surveys, this should be more than sufficient, but we’ll leave that decision up to you.

Yesim’s Package Validity

The validity period depends on the amount of data in the package. 1GB and 3GB are typically valid for 7 days, while 5GB lasts for 15 days, and 10GB and 20GB are valid for 30 days.

When your package expire, you can, of course, purchase a new one or top up.

Pricing with Yesim

Data packages are priced similarly to competitors like Airalo. Certainly, there are countries where Yesim may be more advantageous. If you’ve already chosen your destination, you might find it in our list where we look for the most favorable packages.

Yesim is one of the few that also offers unlimited data, potentially competing in price with Holafly or Maya Mobile. The only downside, as mentioned, is that the unlimited plans are not truly unlimited.

For example, in Thailand, unlimited data really doesn’t pay off. Other providers offer it much more cheaply.

yesim review

Website and App

The website is well-designed, straightforward, and immediately lets you search for the desired country. The main page also introduces their advantages and describes the eSIM installation process. The site is available in english and 24 other languages, which is definitely appreciated.

Their app is available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a classic app that’s clear and easy to navigate. If you enable notifications, it will alert you, for example, about running low on data. Moreover, you can use the app as a charging station for installed eSIMs, meaning you don’t need to reinstall the eSIM.

Purchasing and Installing an eSIM

You can sign up with your Apple ID, Google account, or email. Then, choose your desired package. Before purchasing, you can check a box to activate the eSIM later, up to 12 months from purchase. If you don’t, the eSIM’s validity starts from the successful purchase.

Payments can be made via card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and even BINANCE Pay. If you ever wondered what you could use Bitcoins for, buying an eSIM might be one! 🙂

Once the purchase is successful, you’ll receive instructions with a QR code via email. You can install the eSIM using the QR code. Activation is then done in your connection settings. Be careful not to delete the eSIM, as you would need to purchase a new one.

To check the data usage and other information, simply look at the app or log into your account on the website.

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Can I Share Data via Hotspot?

All data from Yesim can be shared via a hotspot, including unlimited data. However, remember that unlimited data at Yesim isn’t entirely unlimited (limited to 50 GB for 30 days, then an additional 5 GB of slower data). Plus, data sharing leads to faster consumption.

Yesim VPN

One significant competitive advantage of Yesim is its VPN. You automatically get a VPN with every eSIM purchase. If you were considering a VPN and an eSIM before your trip, Yesim allows you to combine them advantageously.

The VPN ensures your data is encrypted and all your browsing is secure, which is handy if you’re using public Wi-Fi, want to log into online banking, etc.

It also allows you to access websites that might be blocked in your current location. According to support, you’re assigned a random IP address, so occasionally, you might not access some sites. It’s rare, but it happens.

You activate the VPN directly in the Yesim app, and it will also work if you’re connected to Wi-Fi or someone else’s hotspot.

Unfortunately, the VPN is only available for iPhone users. We hope Android users will have access in the future.

Yesim Coins – Earn Rewards

Yesim boasts one of the most generous referral programs. By referring a friend (they must enter a code you provide during purchase, found in your account), you get €5, while your friend gets €10! These are converted into Ycoins. The exchange rate is 100 Ycoins = €1.

Ycoins are essentially a virtual currency in which you receive rewards for referrals, installing the app, etc. You can also top up Ycoins and always have enough funds on your account. This is handy if you’re using the global plan, where data is paid for as you use it.

Previously, Yesim offered cashback for purchasing Ycoins, now replaced by the referral program. We’ll see if it returns.

If you want a reward for installing the app (if you haven’t installed it yet), visit Yesim’s Instagram, where they offer 100 Yesim, follow the instructions, and earn your first Euro.

Just be aware that Ycoins are always valid for 1 year from acquisition.

yesim review

Virtual Number

Another service offered by Yesim is the option to purchase a virtual number. All packages are sold as data-only without the option for calls and SMS. Usually, this isn’t a problem nowadays if you want to connect with family, friends, or work.

However, sometimes you need a phone number for app registrations, etc., and for various reasons, you can’t use your personal one, whether due to expensive roaming or simply not wanting to disclose it.

A virtual number from Yesim can help. For €5, you can buy a number for 30 days. You can choose a phone number from Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, and the USA. It can only receive SMS messages (e.g., confirmation codes). You can’t send anything or make calls. It can be used for TikTok, Tinder, etc.

For messaging, it works with WhatsApp and Telegram. It also serves in other apps like Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, Skype, Discord, Slack, and Signal.

Customer Support

Support operates via chat and email. A bot will greet you on chat, which, if it doesn’t know, will transfer to a person or send everything via email. Then you can expect a response from a real person via email.

Support is available from 08:00 to 01:00 in the GMT+2 timezone, so for us, it should apply from nine in the morning to two at night.

Typically, you’ll receive a reply via email within about an hour, depending on factors like the availability of operators and the complexity of your query.

Yesim review: Conclusion and Evaluation (Pros and Cons)

In just a few years, Yesim has risen among the leading eSIM providers. Its combination of basic offerings and unlimited data is attractive to all users. With prices that can compete with the best like Airalo and Holafly.

Its competitive edge is offering the option to use a free VPN with any of the data packages. Moreover, it expands its offerings with the option to purchase a virtual number.

Yesim would rank as a quality provider just with its data offerings, but the VPN option and the offer of virtual numbers add extra value.

So in our eyes is Yesim definitely the eSIM provider you have to consider for your holiday.

Here’s a list of pros and cons we’ve noticed during usage, which may help you decide.


  • Clear website and app
  • Wide selection of data packages
  • Unlimited data
  • Option for automatic renewal
  • Hotspot use allowed even with unlimited packages
  • Generous rewards system


  • Slower customer support


Web and app
Customer Support
Loyalty program


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Planning a trip abroad, considering getting an eSIM, and thinking about a VPN? Yesim tackles two birds with one stone. This progressive eSIM provider not only brings to the market a range of eSIM bundles but also, as we'll see in this Yesim review,...Yesim review: More than eSIM provider