Switzerland eSIM: Better Than a Local SIM (2024)

Switzerland is not exactly a budget-friendly destination for travelers. Not to mention roaming charges, if you don’t realize that you’re not surfing for the same money here as in the EU. A Swiss data SIM card can solve all this. So let’s take a look at which Switzerland eSIM to get so you can stay online while enjoying all the beauty of this beautiful country without fear of roaming charges.

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Operators and coverage

There are 3 main providers in Switzerland, Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. Swisscom is the biggest and has the best coverage. But if you’re mainly going to tourist areas, you’ll also have good 5G coverage with Sunrise and Salt. However, you have to be aware that if you go deep into the mountains, you may lose signal, especially during heavy precipitation (especially snowfall).

In addition to these three main operators, you will also find the likes of Coop mobile, Aldi mobile and Yallo running on the networks of these three operators.

Switzerland eSIM with data: how to choose the best one?

There are several things to consider. First of all, whether you will be mainly in the cities or plan to spend a few days in the mountains. In the cities, you’ll find Wi-Fi everywhere, so you’ll be able to save some data. Second, consider how many days you will be in Switzerland. If you’re stopping over for a few days, there’s no point in buying a local SIM, which isn’t cheap, and it’s definitely cheaper to get an eSIM.

Just to be sure, if you have an EU SIM card, we want to remind you to switch back to your SIM card with EU roaming when traveling to neighboring countries outside of Switzerland (this also applies to Liechtenstein). This way, you don’t need to purchase packages that cover multiple countries.

The best data eSIM for Switzerland

We already have an idea of how much data and for how long. So let’s take a look at which eSIM will be the best value for you.

Cheapest packages

If you plan to just pass through Switzerland or stop for only a few days, it’s not worth buying a local SIM card. You’ll pay $11-22 upfront, and the money will be gradually deducted as you use it.

The cheapest option in the 1 GB eSIM category is from eSIM4Travel, which offers 1 GB for 7 days for $0.94. Jetpac also offers a low price at $1, but be cautious of the validity, which is only 4 days.

If you plan to stay in Switzerland for a longer period, MobiMatter offers a 14-day eSIM for $3.49. This eSIM can also be used in several other countries across Europe and North America.

For those staying in Switzerland for a whole month and using data as a backup, eTravelSIM is a suitable option, offering a 30-day eSIM for $4.

On the other hand, the most well-known providers like Airalo or Nomad are not very cost-effective. Prices for 1 GB range around $4.5 – $7.

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Average usage (5 GB of data)

In the category for regular users, eSIM4Travel stands out with their eSIM priced at only $5.9, and MobiMatter with their Europe Special offer of 5 GB for 30 days at $6.99. This offer is also valid in 35 other European countries.

Maya Mobile‘s eSIMs are also quite advantageous, allowing you to set a specific validity period from 5 days to 30 days. This flexibility affects the final price, which ranges from $8 to $11.

Both Airalo and Nomad, on the other hand, have prices around double that, approximately $14.

High data usage (10 GB and more)

Our favorite duo remains the same even in the category of users who don’t like to save on data. MobiMatter offers a 10 GB package for European countries and the USA for 30 days at $11.99. For almost the same price, $12, you can also get an eSIM from eSIM4Travel.

Airalo, Nomad, and others are currently more than double this price, with costs around $20-25.

Switzerland eSIM
Switzerland eSIM offer from Mobimatter

Unlimited data Switzerland eSIM

If you need unlimited data, getting a local SIM card might be worth it, but this is only true if you’re in Switzerland for a short time. For longer stays, the price of eSIMs gradually decreases, whereas with a local SIM card, you’ll pay the same amount every day, around $2.1 – $2.8.

The most affordable eSIM is from eTravelSIM, where you’ll pay $19.99 for 7 days of unlimited data, $39.99 for 15 days, and $59.99 for 30 days. However, this provider does not allow hotspot sharing.

If you want to share data via a hotspot, choose an eSIM from Yesim. It costs just a little more, specifically between €23 and €59.

Maya Mobile also offers a good deal, with 15 days of unlimited data for €44. If you want to use a hotspot, you’ll pay an additional €8. They have options for both more and fewer days.

For a longer stay in Switzerland, it’s worth getting an eSIM from Holafly. They offer a 60-day package for $107 and a 90-day package for $139. The only downside is that you cannot use a hotspot with Holafly.

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Overview of the best packages

eSIM4Travel1 GB$0.947 days
eSIM4Travel5 GB$5.930 days
MobiMatter10 GB$11.9930 days
Yesimunlimited43 €15 days
best Switzerland eSIM

Local SIM card in Switzerland

If you still prefer to buy a local SIM card, you will need a passport and a Swiss address (you can supposedly provide your hotel address, but we haven’t tried this). You can purchase the SIM card at specialized operator stores, as well as at gas stations, convenience stores, or newsstands. Only the operator can help you with its activation if needed. You can also order the SIM card online, but delivery is only possible to a Swiss address, so you would need to arrange this with your hotel.

All operators work by selling you a preloaded card with a certain amount, from which you draw, and you can then top it up. Swisscom and Sunrise sell the SIM card for 19.90 CHF (about $23), with a 20 CHF preloaded amount. Salt sells the card for free, but you must load it with at least 10 CHF (about $11.50).

They all offer daily packages (Sunrise offers 24-hour packages), usually with unlimited data but no calls or SMS. Swisscom and Salt charge you 2 CHF ($2.3) per day, while Sunrise charges 2.5 CHF ($2.8) for 24 hours. Theoretically, you can buy a SIM for 20 CHF and then use unlimited data for 10 days. However, if you don’t need unlimited data and 10 GB for 10 days is sufficient, it is more cost-effective to get an eSIM.

Swisscom also has packages for specific data volumes or durations, but they are excessively expensive (example: 5 GB for 45 CHF, which is almost $55 or 90 days for 150 CHF, which is nearly an incredible $180). Sunrise offers a package with 30 minutes of calls every day, but you only get 100 MB of data with it.


Whether you’re planning a short trip or a longer vacation in Switzerland, getting an eSIM is definitely worth it. For example, we were in Basel for one day, and having a 1GB package was very handy. It helped with reviews, maps, and staying connected.

With an eSIM, you have data almost immediately, without the hassle of finding a SIM card store and navigating a complex offer.

It is most beneficial for those coming for a quick visit, a day trip, or a weekend stay. It’s also great for those who don’t need unlimited data and are satisfied with around 10GB for a two-week vacation. Lastly, it’s ideal for those staying longer than a month but who can’t get a contract and are looking for prepaid options.


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