eSIM Turkey: Best Data Providers (2024)

Whether you’re on the beach in Turkey, wandering the streets of Istanbul or watching the balloons over Cappadocia, you want to share the experience. And the fastest way to do that is to stay online. So let’s take a look at what the best data eSIM Turkey has to offer.

Most providers offer packages that subscribe to Turk Telecom’s network and often have a partnership with them. Unfortunately, even this doesn’t mean that you get a phone number with your data and thus the ability to make calls and send SMS. These are usually data-only packages. However, you can easily connect with your loved ones via Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype or any other popular communication app.

eSIM Turkey: How to find the best one?

Several factors are involved. It depends on how many days you will be in the country. There are packages from one day to one month. Another important component is the number of GB you want to use. This is often difficult to determine. It’s a good idea to have an idea of how much data you’ll use in normal usage over the course of a year. Find out about the usability and quality of the Wi-Fi connection in your accommodation. This can save a lot of data (especially if you share photos and videos when you get back to the hotel in the evening). And, of course, it depends on how much you want to spend.

If you’re traveling from Turkey to nearby countries, consider a multi-country package. These are offered by Airalo, Mobimatter and others. If you’re going to Northern Cyprus, you’ll often only need an eSIM for Turkey. But not always. For example, Airalo, the most popular, says that their Merhaba plan doesn’t work in N. Cyprus. So we always recommend checking with the carrier directly.

The best data eSIM for Turkey

Let’s take a look at the best deals based on the amount of data in a given package. The range is really wide, and here are our recommendations.

Cheapest plans

All leading eSIM providers include Turkey in their portfolio. If you prefer clarity and ease of navigating the app, you can choose the stalwart Airalo, which offers 1 GB for $4.50.

However, eSIM4Travel offers the best deal, with 1 GB for a nice $0.84. Just be careful not to choose a package with only one day of validity, as that would only be enough if you are just transiting through Turkey. Therefore, look for an eSIM at the same price with a 7-day validity.

Currently, you can also find a very advantageous eSIM at Jetpac, as they have a discount from $4 to just $1. Again, be aware of the validity, which is only 4 days.

If you want an even longer validity, at MobiMatter you can find 1 GB for 14 days for $3.49. In addition to Turkey, it is also valid in 43 other countries.

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Average usage (5 GB data plan)

A 5 GB, which should get you by just fine with a mix of hotel Wi-Fi, comes out to $12 for Airalo. Mobimatter competes very well in this regard with a price tag of $6.99.

eSIM4Travel also offers good prices. For 30 days, 5 GB will cost you just $3.9. Just be careful to pick the right eSIM with 30 days validity instead of 5 days.

High data usage (10 GB and more)

The perfect choice for those who want to be online all day in the city, at the beach, or on a road trip and don’t want to think about connecting to Wi-Fi all the time.

Once again, Mobimatter stands out, offering a Europe USA 12 GB package for $11.99. This is also valid in 43 other countries.

Good option is also eTravelSIM, where you can find for $11.99 eSIM with 100 free call minutes. However this eSIM has british telephone number (started with +44).

Winner in 10 GB category is eSIM4Travel with their 30 days package for $7.5.

esim turkey
eSIMs from MobiMatter

Unlimited data plans in Turkey

Do you need constant access to the Internet for work, watching videos, and generally not wanting to be limited? There are unlimited data plans for you. Prices are already higher and depend on the length of the package.

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The leader in unlimited data is Holafly. It offers packages from 1 to 90 days in Turkey. These cost from $6 up to $139. The most popular length on offer tends to be 14 days and this will cost you $48 with Holafly. However you can share only 0.5 GB per day with hotspot.

Another popular option is Maya Mobile. It’s a bit more expensive, with unlimited data for 15 days costing $38. However, if you’re traveling with more than one person, a package for $52 might be worth it, so you can set up a hotspot for others.

If you are looking for the cheapest options, check out Nomad and its eSIM for 10 days at $14 (not entirely unlimited, it slows down after 1 GB per day) or eTravelSIM, where you can find an eSIM for 15 days for $39 (but you can’t use hotspot).

Most valuable eSIM plans

MobiMatter1 GB$3.4914 days
eSIM4Travel5 GB$3.930 days
eSIM4Travel10 GB$7.530 days
Maya Mobileunlimited$3815 days
esim Turkey best offers

Local SIM card in Turkey

It is currently not possible to buy a local eSIM in Turkey. So you have to buy a regular SIM card. You can get one directly at the airport. Make sure you buy it directly from the operators. There are three: Vodafone, Turkcell and Turk Telekom. Avoid third parties who may charge you even more. Also, get your passport ready right away, as the seller has to register you in the system.

Interestingly, if you spend more than 120 days in Turkey and use a local SIM card, you have to register your phone and pay tax (about $744!). This probably won’t apply to you. However, registration is also required if you buy a local SIM card. You show your passport to the dealer and they do everything when you buy it.

The Turks like to have a wide choice, so you can find over 90 different packages. However, as a tourist you will be offered the “Tourist Welcome Pack“. This costs about $35.70 at all operators. It usually offers 20 GB of data. The offer and the price may vary slightly depending on the current offer and where and from whom you buy the SIM card. Each point of sale can set its own price and add various surcharges. Don’t look for logic here.

You can also use other packages that tend to be cheaper. It depends on the amount of data or minutes for calls and texts. It also depends on your ability to negotiate with the seller.

If you want to avoid these hassles and be online as soon as you land, eSIM is the ideal choice.


If you’re on vacation in Turkey and want to stay connected to the world and share your experiences, or even work, eSIM is the easiest choice in every way. There really is a wide range to choose from and everyone will find what suits them best. You simply buy the package you want from the vendors I mentioned in the article. Just make sure that your phone really supports eSIM. If it does, there’s nothing to worry about.

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