eSIM Brazil: Review the Best Packages for Vacation

Are you planning to explore the vibrant culture of Brazil, relax on the beach, or venture into the jungle? You’ll likely want to stay online to easily access maps, reviews, and keep in touch with loved ones. An eSIM Brazil can help you achieve just that.

Read on to find out how to choose the best eSIM or traditional SIM card and where to find the most advantageous prices.

Data eSIM Brazil: How to Choose the Best One?

When selecting an eSIM, consider how long you’ll be in Brazil and how much data you’ll likely use. Wi-Fi coverage in Brazil should be decent in cities, but if you’re a heavy internet user, opt for plans with more data. Also, consider that you’ll be using some apps you don’t need at home, like maps or translators, which will also consume data. If you need help choosing, check out our article on how to choose the best eSIM.

In Brazil, there are 4 operators, we recommend choosing Claro (the fastest internet), Vivo (the largest coverage, ideal for remote areas of Brazil), or possibly TIM.

The Most Advantageous Data eSIM for Brazil

Let’s take a look at the most popular data packages available.

Cheapest Packages

If you’re planning to buy a SIM card but want some temporary and inexpensive internet access, 1 GB might be sufficient. This is also enough if you’re using the internet mainly as a backup and have maps downloaded to your phone.

The most affordable 1 GB data package is available from Monty eSIM at $3.99. At Airalo , a 7-day plan will cost you $4.5. You’ll pay a still reasonable $4.99 at Mobimatter.

Other offers start around six dollars or more.

eSIM Brazil Airalo
eSIM Brazil from Airalo

Average Data Usage (5 GB)

If you want to use the internet more frequently in Brazil but will have access to Wi-Fi, 5 GB should suffice.

Again, Monty eSIM and Airalo offer the best deal, with 5 GB of data for $15.50 valid for 30 days. With Mobimatter , a similar package costs $17.99. It’s worth considering to pay same price there to get 7 GB of data and a local phone number.

Other providers, like Nomad, charge around $20. At YESIM, which includes VPN, the price is $22.

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High Data Usage (10 GB)

If you need to stay connected, use maps, social media, and the internet in general, you’ll want at least 10 GB.

The best price of $24.99 for 12 GB is offered by Mobimatter. This package includes a local phone number and virtually unlimited calls.

Airalo provides 10 GB of data for 30 days at $26. Monty eSIM is slightly more expensive by 50 cents. Prices from other providers start to exceed 30 dollars.

Unlimited Data

If you need to be online constantly for work or leisure, consider unlimited data plans. The choice largely depends on how long you plan to stay in Brazil. Most commonly, you’ll find 15-day plans, but you can adjust the duration as needed.

At Holafly, 15 days of unlimited data costs $47. Maya Mobile charges $64 for the same period. Both providers allow you to choose fewer or more days, affecting the price. Maya Mobile also offers a more expensive package that includes data sharing via a hotspot.

If you’d like an eSIM that includes a VPN, choose Yesim for $50.60, valid for 15 days.

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Overview of the Most Advantageous eSIM Brazil Packages

Monty eSIM 1 GB$3.997 days
Airalo5 GB$15.5030 days
Mobimatter12 GB$24.9930 days
Holaflyunlimited$4715 days
Best eSIM Brazil packages

Traditional SIM Card in Brazil

Buying a SIM card in Brazil isn’t exactly straightforward and might require some luck. You’re guaranteed success if you have a CPF – the Brazilian tax payer number, which as a tourist, you likely don’t have. In this case, you’ll need to visit an official store of one of the operators. After showing your passport, they should sell you a SIM card. However, this often isn’t the case. Employees might not be aware of this possibility and might turn you away. We recommend insisting they check the policy, which can be challenging due to the language barrier.

One might think that major airports would be easier, but that’s not necessarily the case. Although the situation has improved since the Olympics and the World Cup, it can still be difficult to find an operator’s kiosk at the airport. Plus, you’ll need luck with the employee who knows how to register the SIM card to your passport. Also, be prepared for slightly higher prices.

If you navigate this complex process successfully, you’ll enjoy relatively pleasant prices for your journey across Brazil.

Brazil has four main operators. The largest coverage is provided by Vivo; choose this operator if you plan to trek in remote areas. However, TIM and Claro are close seconds, with Claro boasting the fastest internet. The last provider is Oi, which has significantly worse coverage.

Overview of Operator Prices for Your Trip

  • 6 GB for 30 days + unlimited calls: $6 + $2 for registration and SIM card (Claro)
  • 9 GB for 15 days + unlimited calls: $3 (TIM) + $2 for registration and SIM card – you need to recharge, and you’ll receive a bonus, more details in the link to TIM
  • 5 GB for 15 days + unlimited calls: $4 + $2 for registration and SIM card (Vivo)
esim Brazil
using eSIM in Brazil

Summary of eSIM Brazil

While things are improving, getting a traditional SIM card in Brazil might not be the easiest. Experiences vary: some have had a smooth process, others had to endure long waits and argue with salespeople, and some were turned away outright. If successful, you’ll enjoy very competitive rates for data and calling.

If you don’t want to go through the potential hassle, simply opt for an eSIM Brazil. Arrange everything before departure, and upon arrival, you’re instantly online. This is especially convenient for finding transport from the airport and your accommodation. Plus, eSIM providers offer reasonably priced packages. Mobimatter even has options that include a local phone number.


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