eSIM New Zealand: Oveview of Operator Prices for Your Trip

Are you planning to explore the beautiful nature of New Zealand, wander through the nooks of Hobbiton, or work on a farm? Whatever your reason for visiting this country, you’ll definitely want to stay connected during your journey to use maps, social networks, and keep in touch with your loved ones. If you’re contemplating whether to buy a local SIM card or opt for an eSIM New Zealand, the following lines will guide you.

Data eSIM New Zealand: How to choose the best one?

When choosing an eSIM, you need to consider how long you will be there and how much data you approximately need. Wi-Fi coverage in New Zealand is relatively good in cities, but if you often use the internet, opt for plans with more data. Additionally, consider that you will be using some apps you don’t need at home, like maps or a translator, which will also consume some data. If you need help with the selection, check out our article on how to choose the best eSIM.

If you plan to travel more and explore the stunning nature, we definitely recommend getting plans with more data and choosing one that connects to the Spark network. It has the best coverage in New Zealand.

There are 4 operators in New Zealand, we recommend choosing One (formerly Vodafone), Spark (the largest coverage, ideal for remote areas of New Zealand), and possibly 2degrees.

esim new zealand
Utilizing eSIM New Zealand

The most advantageous data eSIM for New Zealand

Let’s take a look at how much the most commonly used data packages will cost you.

Cheapest packages

If you’re planning to buy a SIM card but want some temporary and cheap connection, 1 GB might be enough for you, especially if you have the internet primarily as a backup and maps downloaded on your phone.

The absolute cheapest eSIM is available from eSIM4Travel, where you get 1 GB of data for $1.62 with a validity of 7 days.

You can get a good price with ReadteaGO. They offer 1 GB for $2.69 with a nice validity of 30 days.

You will pay a bit more with Mobimatter, which is $3.49 for 15 days. With Airalo, it’s even $4.50 and only for 7 days.

eSIM New Zealand
eSIM New Zealand offer at eSIM4Travel

Average data usage (5 GB)

If you want to be more connected in New Zealand but will have access to Wi-Fi, 5 GB should suffice.

Here again, eSIM4Travel wins by offering 5 GB of data for $6.84 with a 30-day validity. With Mobimatter, a similar package will cost just a few cents more, $6.99.

With other providers, you’ll pay around $10. For example, Maya Mobile offers a package for 10 days at $10. You can adjust the price slightly if you need fewer days. At Nomad, it’s $13, and Airalo offers this package for $16.

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High data usage (10 GB)

If you need to stay connected, use maps, social networks, and the internet in general, you’ll want at least 10 GB.

The best price is offered by Mobimatter. For 10 GB of data with a 30-day validity, you’ll pay $11.99. And if that’s not enough for you, for an extra $10, you can get 20 GB for your browsing needs.

eSIM4Travel isn’t far behind, offering 10 GB for $12.27. You’re also in good hands with Maya Mobile, where 10 GB with a 30-day validity costs $17. You can even reduce the price if you need fewer days.

With Nomad, you’re looking at $20, and Airalo provides this package for $22. Still, it’s cheaper than buying directly from a local operator, as you’ll learn shortly.

Unlimited data

If you need to be online for work or just want the assurance that your data won’t run out, the solution is unlimited data, offered by the providers mentioned below. Keep in mind, though, that unlimited data isn’t always truly unlimited. Often, you can use up to 3 GB per day, after which the internet may slow down. But the next day, you’re back to full speed.

At Holafly , you’ll pay $47 for 15 days of unlimited data. If you need 30 days, the price goes up to $74.

A longer duration is more cost-effective with Maya Mobile, where unlimited data for 30 days costs $59. If you opt for half that duration, it’s $44, which is still a better deal than Holafly.

If you want eSIM with VPN for New Zealand, choose Yesim at $49.50 with a 15-day validity.

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The most advantageous packages for eSIM New Zealand at a glance

eSIM4Travel1 GB$1.627 days
eSIM4Travel5 GB$6.8430 days
Mobimatter10 GB$11.9930 days
Maya MobileUnlimited$4415 days
Best offer for eSIM New Zealand

Classic SIM card in New Zealand

If for some reason you need a classic SIM card, you might be surprised that you’ll pay a bit more than for an eSIM.

You can get a SIM card right at the airport at one of the operators’ kiosks. You’ll encounter the same packages in stores in the cities. Be prepared to present your passport when purchasing as the SIM card will be registered in your name. You can easily avoid this process if you opt for an eSIM.

New Zealand has four main operators. The largest is One, which used to be Vodafone. If you want a local number but prefer an eSIM, you can buy it online. For example, you can get a package for about $29 (49 NZD) with 10 GB of data. They also have an app where you can monitor your data usage.

A similar offer is available from the operator Spark, which provides the best signal coverage throughout New Zealand, offering virtually identical packages as One.

The third player is 2degrees. They offer 8 GB of data for about $27 (45 NZD), not particularly impressive.

You might also encounter Skinny, essentially a subsidiary of Spark operating on their network. With them, you can get 5 GB of data for about $24 (40 NZD). After you exhaust your data, you can continue surfing, but at a slower speed.

eSIM New Zealand
Advertisement for the mobile operator Spark

Orientation prices of operators

  • 10 GB with a 90-day validity + calling and texts: $29 (One)
  • 10 GB with a 90-day validity + calling and texts: $29 (Spark)
  • 8 GB with a 30-day validity + calling and texts: $24 (2degrees)

Summary of eSIM New Zealand

It’s not often the case, but when it comes to New Zealand, purchasing an eSIM really pays off. Providers offer more data for lower prices. Buy a local SIM card if you also need a New Zealand phone number. Nowadays, however, you can often easily communicate via Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, and other communication apps.

Alternatively, you can choose the cheapest prepaid package from a local operator to have a local number and buy an eSIM for data. It depends on what meets your requirements. With an eSIM for New Zealand, you definitely won’t go wrong.


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